iBillionaire’s Transition to an Investment Platform

A few thoughts on the new app update.

Dear iBillionaire Friends,

We recently updated our iBillionaire app in our effort to allow you to not only follow stocks and billionaires you like, but also invest in those strategies.

If you signed-up to iBillionaire before we added investment capabilities, that login will not unlock the new app version.  iBillionaire is now a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), so we are required to validate your identity before we activate a new account. If you are interested in content no login is required at this time. By navigating the new “Research” tab you get access to the latest billionaire news, most recent transactions and daily winning and losing stocks. We will keep bringing back many of the features you were accustomed to.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 3.20.31 PM

If you want the earlier version of the app back simply send us a note at support@ibillionaire.com and request it. We will send it to you via email within one business day. Open the email from “TestFlight” and tap “Download”. The app, logo and your account are the very same ones you had on your device before the update.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 3.20.49 PM

We remain passionate about bringing the investment strategies of the world’s most successful investors to everyone. Going forward, we want to focus our efforts on iBillionaire’s investment capabilities, so we hope you will give the update app a try!


As many of you know, we take our users’ feedback very seriously, and often adapt our product and features to their needs. So, if you have thoughts or questions please send us an email at support@ibillionaire.com.