Introducing the Automatic Savings Plan

To help you save and invest automatically!

The Automatic Savings Plan is an automated deposits tool that allows you to set up free recurring transfers from your linked bank account to your iBillionaire investment account monthly.

You can choose to keep your funds as cash in your iBillionaire account or invest in a strategy automatically. The minimum auto-deposit amount is $100.



Enable the monthly auto-savings feature in the Transfers tab of our app.

Set-up the amount you want to transfer and change or discontinue it at any time.

Choose the strategy in which you want to invest automatically or choose to keep the funds as cash.

Withdraw you cash at any time.

Auto-deposits are a great way to save and put your excess cash to work automatically.

Sit back, and stick to a personal savings goal, as your funds are

automatically transferred to your investment account on a monthly basis.



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