Introducing The New Elon Musk Strategy

Elon Musk offers a stable strategy on the rise, which proves that high performance and green investment do indeed mix.

Introducing iBillionaire’s brand new Elon Musk strategy! A simple, green and high-performing strategy that boasts generous 14.04% 3Y returns.

Containing just two holdings Tesla Motors (TSLA) and Solar City (SCTY) this strategy can appear simple and unassuming. But it’s far from that! The powerhouse financier behind both highly profitable companies is billionaire Elon Musk, who has personally founded these ventures and forged them to become the unabated success they are today.

Tesla Motors

Investors craving the green touch will also enjoy investing in the Elon Musk strategy. His companies are renowned worldwide for their environmentally-friendly practices and noble corporate social responsibility goals. His vision behind the founding of his varied companies has always been to make the world a better place, which has truly materialized with the massification of green energy with Solar City and the eco-friendly electric cars manufactured by Tesla Motors.

Elon Musk green strategy
Elon Musk offers a stable strategy on the rise.

Invest in ELON MUSK Strategy


One thought on “Introducing The New Elon Musk Strategy

  1. Did you mean to write both highly unprofitable companies?

    Tesla has lost money for 13 straight quarters and SCTY lost money in all but two quarters since their IPO.

    But whatever fits your narrative, I guess.

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