Warren Buffett: The Man Who Has a Net Worth of $50B+ But Never Spends More Than $3.17 for Breakfast

What will Buffett’s breakfast cost today? Will it be $2.61, $2.95 or $3.17?

Buffett’s Breakfast

If you think Warren Buffett tucks into a gourmet breakfast every day, think again! Warren Buffett has an estimated net worth of $58B but you would never guess what the investing Oracle of Omaha eats for breakfast every day.

Buffett is known to be frugal, but his daily breakfast habit is a thought-provoking trait of potentially the greatest investor of all time.

The way that Buffett makes his breakfast choice is as follows: every day he sets off in his car and drives to the local McDonalds on his way to the office. Yes, you read that right: McDonalds! The popular, golden-arched fast food chain is a favorite stop for so many members of our society and even Buffett, who manages billions of dollars every day, enjoys food here.

When Buffett gets to McDonalds, he has already made his choice. You see, when Buffett wakes up every morning, he checks to see how the markets are doing for the day. Not exactly ground-breaking for a multi-billion dollar investor to keep an eye on the daily trends, but what is unusual is the fact that he makes his breakfast choice on how the markets are doing!

Markets certainly have an interesting impact on one’s emotion and it seems like billionaires are no exception. By reading the news, Buffett bases his breakfast decision on one of three choices.

“I tell my wife, as I shave in the morning, I say, ‘Either $2.61, $2.95 or $3.17.’ And she puts that amount in the little cup by me here [in the car],” he explains in HBO’s documentary, “Becoming Warren Buffett“.

The most extravagant option for Buffett  would be a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit, paired with a Coke he opens when he gets to his office. He pays for this using the exact change amounting to $3.17 which his wife has laid out for him. This is the choice if he feels the markets are doing really well.

If however the markets aren’t doing so well, he’ll be eating two sausage patties in an English muffin which is the cheapest option at $2.61. In the middle is a sausage McMuffin with egg and cheese.

It’s easy to think of billionaires as having a lifestyle that is leagues away from our own. But Buffett’s breakfast choices certainly turns this notion on its head and offers an interesting glimpse into how billionaires’ lives are not too different from our own.

So next time you’re at the McDonalds drive-thru, pondering what you will have for breakfast, take a page out of Buffett’s book: have a look at what the markets are doing and make your decision while reading the daily news. You never know, you may meet Warren Buffett in line!



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