Life Hack: How To Invest In Hundred-Dollar Stocks For Just $10

Check out this crazy investing life-hack!

Everywhere you turn everyone talks about the significance of investing in the stock market. You’ve heard about it for years, spent hours on research and you think you’re finally ready to get started. But a quick glance at some stocks and you’re sent reeling in confusion as you check the price tag of some company shares: hundreds of dollars for just one stock! What do you do?

Let’s picture this scenario: You’ve painstakingly saved some money over the past several months and are so proud to have been diligent enough with your savings to have a couple of hundred saved away. You’re ready to get started investing your hard-earned cash and you’re excited to get started!

You’ve been doing your research and you like the look of some of the big-name tech stocks that are in the news so frequently. Perhaps you’ve already made your choice and you like the looks of one of Amazon or Google.

You’re ready to invest some of your cash! So you do a little online research on how much it would cost to buy some shares of Alphabet, Google’s parent company.

BAM! Over $900 for just ONE share of GOOGL*! Wow, that’s more than the total amount you saved away…

Source: Google Finance 2017

So perhaps you’ll hold off on Google for now. And instead you turn you gaze to Amazon.

Quick web search later… BAM! Over $950 per share of AMZN*!

Source: Google Finance 2017

You start to feel deflated. You say to yourself, perhaps investing is not for me, it’s only for the rich…. You had planned on being a smart investor and diversifying your portfolio which means buying a broad variety of stocks. Yet you can’t even afford one share! You put away your phone or laptop and say I’ll do this later. But sadly, you never do.

Sound familiar?

In the past year, GOOGL hasn’t dipped below $740 per share – how on earth can you afford to shell out hundreds of dollars per share on a company? For the majority of us, $900 is very, very far from pocket change.

Fear not, because iBillionaire holds the solution!

What if you could invest in Google AND Amazon for only $10? Sounds pretty good, right? Well with iBillionaire’s TECH strategy you can. From just $10, you can own a piece of 4 of the biggest names in the biz: Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon. The iBillionaire strategy is split evenly between these 4 shares, so your $10 investment will be split with approximately $2.50 invested in each company. You don’t have to worry about buying a full share for each of the 4 companies – iBillionaire does all the work to allow you to buy a ‘fraction’ of a share. Yes, for $10 you can invest in all 4!

There are many options available on the iBillionaire Capital platform, not just Tech stocks: check them out!

From just $10, you can own a piece of these companies without having to pay the hefty price tag. If you were to buy 1 of each share, the value that you would need to set aside would be close to $2000, a daunting investment for the everyday saver!

So get back on the horse and start investing your money with iBillionaire today!

*Prices as of 11th September 2017.


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