Introducing iBillionaire 2.0 and the iBillionaire High Dividend Index

We’re hitting the ground running in 2015, with the launch of iBillionaire 2.0 for iOS and Android and the iBillionaire High Dividend Index.

iBillionaire is hitting the ground running in 2015. We’re releasing a new and improved version of our mobile app and launching an index that tracks billionaire-owned high dividend stocks.

Both products form part of our larger mission to help people invest better by giving them access to the investment data and strategies of the world’s most successful, self-made billionaires.

iBillionaire 2.0

Available for iOS and Android, iBillionaire 2.0 combines search and discovery to help investors confirm ideas, get inspiration, make decisions and catch up on the latest news. It distills hard-to-reach billionaire investment data in an easy-to-use, curated mobile platform.

The revamped iBillionaire app maintains all of the features users know and love – billionaire portfolios, stock info, news and recent trade alerts – all with a brand new design. It ties in new elements, including featured stocks, watchlists and sharable cards.

“Last October, we were reminded of just how volatile the stock market can be. In such scenarios, even the most passive investors need to become more active – the hard part is knowing what action to take. But that’s where iBillionaire comes in,” reflects Raul Moreno, co-founder and CEO of iBillionaire. “The app helps investors to ‘check’ their ideas and trades with the most successful billionaires on Wall Street and find guidance in a straightforward, simple package.”

We’re also enlarging the pool of billionaire investors we feature. New additions include Marc Lasry of Avenue Capital Group and Nelson Peltz of Trian Fund Management.

The High Dividend Index

The iBillionaire High Dividend Index is designed to track high dividend stocks across a select group of billionaire investors. Equally weighted and comprised of 50 equities, it signals which dividend investments billionaires are selecting in an environment of low interest rates and market volatility where generating income is key.

Listed under the tickers IBD and IBDTR (total return index) and calculated by the NYSE, the iBillionaire High Dividend Index is our second index, following up the iBillionaire Index launched in November 2013. Upon backtesting, the iBillionaire High Dividend Index would have returned 140% over the five-year period stretching from 2010 to 2014 (including dividend reinvestment).

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“We launched the iBillionaire Index in 2013 to help investors identify the top 30 large-cap stocks held by a select pool of leading billionaires. With the iBillionaire High Dividend Index, we’ve put together an equally relevant basket of equities, focusing on something of interest to investors big and small: dividends,” explains iBillionaire COO Jack Nguyen. “Members of the iBillionaire community have been asking for a high-dividend strategy for quite some time, and we’re happy to provide it.”

Billionaire-Inspired Better Investing

In April 2013, we set out on a mission to help people everywhere invest better by learning from those who play the market best: self-made billionaire investors. This latest app and index form part of that commitment, as does the inclusion of more billionaires from which users can draw ideas and information.

Learn more about iBillionaire at, and stay on top of billionaire investment trends and news with iBillionaire for iOS and Android.

About iBillionaire

iBillionaire provides access to the investment data and strategies of the world’s most successful, self-made billionaires. Its mission is to help individuals become better investors by learning from Wall Street’s best.

Founded by Raul Moreno and Alejandro Estrada, iBillionaire launched in April 2013 as a mobile application tracking the investment strategies of the world’s top billionaires. Less than a year later, iBillionaire unveiled its inaugural iBillionaire Index, which is comprised of the top 30 U.S. equities held by a select pool of leading billionaires. The index was followed up by the release of the Direxion iBillionaire Index ETF (IBLN). The ETF currently has more than $35 million in assets under management, and the iBillionaire mobile community is already over 200,000 investors strong.

For more information, visit, take a look at our Press Kit, and check out the iBillionaire blog. You can also find iBillionaire on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn, and download the iBillionaire app for iOS and Android.


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