Watch Out for these Top China Tech Stocks

A quick guide to some of the hottest China Tech companies


China’s booming tech market has for many years provided a lucrative market for savvy investors. But for those of us stateside and perhaps not confident in choosing overseas investments, the Chinese technology market can be somewhat overwhelming. If you’re looking to broaden your investing horizons and diversify your portfolio into this specific Asian market, where should you start?

To begin with, the whole technology industry in China is pretty different from what we’re used to in America. Some of the U.S.’s most popular sites, like Facebook, Google and Twitter, are actually banned by China’s government. Yet the digital-loving nation has some very large technology-based companies of its own: Baidu is the country’s Google equivalent and instead of chatting on Facebook, the nation instead communicates (and interestingly exchanges currency) through a platform call WeChat. Even Alibaba outsells Amazon China by a pretty wide margin.

These big Chinese tech giants are growing fast and could provide a really interesting investment opportunity with the potential for huge growth. However, just like their American counterparts, investing individually in these stocks can be hugely expensive, and it can be hard to keep track of which companies make the best investments. Luckily for you, that’s where iBillionaire’s China Tech Strategy comes in!

The China Tech Strategy is available as part of iBillionaire’s auto-invest feature, meaning that you can invest from as little as $10 in a regular, recurring basis into a Strategy of your choice. This includes the China Tech Strategy as well as many other cool Strategies like Ray Dalio’s All Weather Strategy or Robotics. It’s a neat feature that takes the stress out of worrying when to save and what to invest in, all while growing your investment stash slowly but surely over the long run. So this means you can invest in these giant Chinese tech companies, which normally cost tens, if not hundreds, of dollars per share from as little as $10.

Not only is the China Tech Strategy available on the auto-invest feature, making your money saving habits a breeze, the Strategy is also automatically rebalanced on a regular basis to ensure your money is invested in some of the hottest China Tech stocks around. This means that you don’t have to worry about sifting through a huge list of different companies wondering which Tech stocks to invest in: the Strategy does the hard work for you, offering you single trade access to the growing Chinese information and technology sector.

Companies such as Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent (owner of WeChat) are all included with the China Tech Strategy, as well as some others you may not have heard of before: NetEase, a developer of online PC and mobile games, advertising services, e-mail services and e-commerce platforms; Sunny Optical Tech, which designs and manufactures optical and optical related products, and;, which offers housing rental, recruitment, second-hand product, travel, catering, entertainment, and group-buying information and services.

If you were to only buy one share in each of the companies held by the China Tech Strategy, you’d end up paying thousands of dollars. But by investing through iBillionaire, you can gain exposure to some of the most exciting companies in China for a fraction of the cost. This lets you take advantage of the gains as these companies grow in value and opens your portfolio to this exciting sector. Have a look today at the iBillionaire China Tech Strategy!



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