The Future: Why Robots Make Exciting Investments

Robots: the ultimate way to invest in the future.

When you think of Robots, most people have some sort of mental picture of a shiny, steel clad biped akin to something Will Smith might be battling in I, Robot. But Robotics as an industry, and potential investment opportunity, is a whole lot more than the 2-legged stereotypical machine that we are all imagining.

Robotics, and the associated niche known as ‘automation’, in fact covers a huge range of industries that you might not expect it to. Spanning healthcare, manufacturing, 3D printing, surveillance, energy, agriculture and more, the Robotics Strategy available on the iBillionaire platform offers a vast opportunity for investors to take advantage of an industry where the potential for growth is tremendous. Top holdings include: iRobot Corporation, Microchip Technology, Nuance Communications Inc, and Oceaneering Intl Inc.

While you may be hesitant over replacing some traditional human roles for robots, perceptions have certainly changed a lot over the past decade when it comes to using them. For example, many people were skeptical over speech recognition systems 10 years ago, but just think about the number of times you now use Siri, or ask Alexa to play music, or perhaps ask your car to make a phone call while you are driving.

Generally speaking, perceptions now for robotics and automation are much more positive and focus on the benefits like their time saving abilities and safety. As a quick example: The number of surgical procedures performed using the help of robots to increase accuracy rose 16% from Q1 2015 to Q1 2016. [1] Robots and automation could prove the key to tackling world issues around health, food supply and security.

Here is an example of some of the individual companies currently in the Robotics Strategy (as of July 2017).

Daifuku Co. Ltd (DAIUF): A Japanese material-handling equipment business. Daifuku’s material handling systems improve production efficiency and distribution control by reducing lead time, improving delivery accuracy, eliminating receiving inspection, and managing goods.

KUKA (KUKAF): A robot manufacturer that makes a variety of robots for factory automation. KUKA’s robotics division offers industrial robots, controllers, positioners, and robot systems.

AeroVironment (AVAV): A leading manufacturer of unmanned aerial solutions (UAS). UAS are now commonly used for reconnaissance missions of remote locations, by law enforcement agencies, in search and rescue operations, and for helping fire fighters fight, monitor, and control fires.

Companies like these will continue to drive huge amounts of change in the global economy and automation has already made a huge impact throughout our everyday lives. Whether this is in our private lives at home, or within e-commerce and medicine, automation has progressed rapidly throughout the past few years.

With one-year growth of 35.51% for the Robotics Strategy (as of July 21st 2017), it would be crazy not to give this strategy some serious consideration!

While you may think it’s too late to invest in this sector, the opposite is likely to be true. As components become increasingly smaller, cheaper and more precise, usage will only increase and already, robots are becoming much more the norm. Potential opportunities are extremely exciting and the advances in technology continue to open new doors: just think about self-driving cars, unmanned aerial deliveries (e.g. Amazon same day delivery using drones), and voice-activated house-hold appliances. The future is closer than you think!

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